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BriteVu Special Projects Basics:

BriteVu Special Projects is a high radiodensity contrast media to be used only in terminal subjects. The bag contains enough BriteVu, when mixed at full strength, to perfuse 10-15 kg of vascular tissue.

Compared with BriteVu 170g, Special Projects is generally reserved for large subjects.

The contents of each bag are mixed per the directions below and perfused into the test subject. Perfuse the product into the system being evaluated. For example, for blood vessel evaluation perfuse BriteVu intravascularly.  As a note, protocols can vary significantly based on intended results.  The protocol below provides the most common guidelines for preparation.

The perfused subject is later scanned using radiographs, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or ultrasound depending on the study.

Item #: 040232270789

BriteVu SDS

BriteVu Compatibility:

-Computed Tomography (CT)

-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)


-Photography and Videography

Preparation Directions:

  1. Heat 3-4.5 L of distilled water in a large mixing tank to 40-45 deg C.
  2. If using BriteVu Enhancer, add to the warm water and mix for one minute.  Use 10-20 ml of BriteVu Enhancer per 1 kg bag of BriteVu Special Projects.
  3. Empty entire contents of 1 bag into the heated water bath with mixing rod stirring such that all powder goes into solution.
  4. Heat solution to 70-80 deg C for at least 10 minutes.
  5. Immediately perfuse the entire solution at 45-65 deg C into the deceased subject.  If using BriteVu Enhancer, perfusions can be performed at 35-55 deg C preserving tissue histology.
  6. Cool the perfused subject (ice water bath, refrigerator, etc) until BriteVu mixture solidifies and then perform imaging studies.
  7. Alternatively, the cooled subject and/or its tissues can be stored in fixative for later scanning.
  8. Protocols can vary based on intended results. Go to Protocols for more details.

BriteVu Advantages:

-Completely non-toxic.

-Easy to use.

-Penetrates to the capillary level.

-Produces outstanding casts compatible with CT, MRI, ultrasound, photgraphy and videography.

Comparison of Commercially Available Terminal Vascular Contrast Agents

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1 review for BriteVu Special Projects

  1. scarlet

    Our experience using BriteVu for imaging human cadaveric vasculature of the arm has been very positive. Preparing and infusing the BriteVu was a simple process. We found that BriteVu displayed an amazing ability to penetrate into the capillary beds and we produced whole-arm images clearer than any I have ever seen with any contrast medium previously employed.

    Bruce Wainman, PhD

    Director, Education Program in Anatomy McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario Canada

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