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Weight: 42 g or 1.5 ounces

Size: 1 ounce bottle

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BriteVu Enhancer Basics:

BriteVu Enhancer is a non-toxic liquid that is added to the BriteVu and water mix.

Enhancer significantly reduces micro aggregation that is associated with Van der Waals forces. These weak forces sometimes act to bring small particles (as are found with BriteVu) together. Enhancer significantly reduces micro clumps in the 15-40 µm range that can plug small vessels and capillaries and cause ‘bright spots’ on micro-CT.

Enhancer better suspends and disperses the radiodense agent in the solution thereby reducing gravity dependent settling effect. This results in more even radiodensity across the vessel or other perfused system.  This in turn makes segmentation and tracing easier.

BriteVu Enhancer lowers the temperature of solidification. This allows researchers to perfuse BriteVu at lower temperatures for better histologic preservation. Without Enhancer, BriteVu solidifies around 38-40 deg C. With Enhancer, BriteVu solidifies around 31-33 deg C. This feature also increases working time prior to solidification.

There is no need to use other suspending or surfactant agents when using BriteVu Enhancer.

Item #: 040232270796

BriteVu Enhancer SDS

BriteVu with Enhancer Compatibility:

-Computed Tomography (CT)

-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)


-Photography and Videography


BriteVu Enhancer is dosed at 1-2% (in ml volume) to BriteVu (in gram weight) prior to mixing with water or other solvents.

For example, if performing a whole body perfusion on a typical 20-25 g mouse via cardiac puncture, you will need about 15 g dry weight of BriteVu.  This is regardless of water volume used. You will need 0.15-0.30 ml of BriteVu Enhancer.

Calculation: 15 g (dry BriteVu) X 0.01-0.02= 0.015-0.30 ml(cc) liquid BriteVu Enhancer.

For most studies, dose BriteVu Enhancer at 1.5% the BriteVu weight.

One bottle of BriteVu Enhancer is enough for 1.5-3 Kg of dry BriteVu.

Preparation Directions:

  1. Heat calculated distilled water amount to 40-45 deg C on a stirring hot plate.
  2. Add BriteVu Enhancer liquid (calculated based on dry BriteVu weight).
  3. Wait one minute and then add dry BriteVu to solution.
  4. Heat and continuously mix solution to 70-80 deg C for 10 minutes.
  5. Lower temperature to desired range and perfuse subject.
  6. Cool the perfused subject (ice water bath, refrigerator, etc) until BriteVu mixture solidifies and then perform imaging studies.
  7. Alternatively, the cooled subject and/or its tissues can be stored in fixative for later scanning
  8. Protocols can vary based on intended results. Go to Protocols for more details.

BriteVu Enhancer Advantages:

-Completely non-toxic.

-Reduces micro-aggregation of BriteVu radiodense particles.

-Lowers temperature of BriteVu solidification.

-Improves BriteVu solution fluidity, especially through smaller vessels.

-Decreases settling effect of heavy radiodense particles found in BriteVu.

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