BriteVu proved to be an practical and versatile choice for a contrast agent. It was used in a series of studies involving perfusions as part of an effort to characterize the effect of a commercial drug candidate on vascular development. Ease of preparation and cost efficiency make it an excellent option for exploratory research.

Nikita Kondratiev

Senior Research Associate- Keros Therapeutics

BriteVu has been a tremendous tool to visualize and measure cardiorespiratory vascularization. The solution was simple to prepare and Dr. Echols was extremely supportive and helpful in helping design a protocol for my needs. The CT images showed outstanding detail and were easy to segment and analyze with existing software. Overall BriteVu is a fantastic product and the company provides exceptional service.

John G. Capano

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Brown University

BriteVu is the most effective and manageable contrast media agent I have ever used.  In my research it was able to produce the fully perfused cerebrovasculature while consistently showing the microvasculature.

John Paul Valenzuela M.S

Medical College of Georgia, Augusta University

We have tried for years to successfully introduce contrast into the microvasculature of various mouse organs, but were unsuccessful until trying BriteVu.  This is not only due to the product itself, but to Scott’s quick and thorough support when it comes to labeling protocols.

Rebecca Williams

Director, BRC Imaging Facility, Cornell University

We have had a great experience working with Scarlet Imaging and using BriteVu as a perfusion agent. I was able to perfuse small capillaries in the jaw bones of rats for my master thesis without having any previous experience with contrast blood vessel perfusion. In addition, the customer service is impeccable: Dr. Echols’ expertise in vessel perfusion was instrumental in developing a predictable perfusion protocol. I highly recommend BriteVu and Scarlet Imaging.

Dr Blerta Abdi

Texas A&M Baylor College of Dentistry- Orthodontic Department

Brite Vu provides remarkable vascular contrast in X-ray images, particularly across small-vessel lumina. It’s an easy-to-use visualization tool with predictably clear results.

Paul M. Gignac, Ph.D.

Department of Anatomy & Cell Biology, Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Our experience using BriteVu for imaging human cadaveric vasculature of the arm has been very positive. Preparing and infusing the BriteVu was a simple process. We found that BriteVu displayed an amazing ability to penetrate into the capillary beds and we produced whole-arm images clearer than any I have ever seen with any contrast medium previously employed.

Bruce Wainman, PhD

Diector, Education Program in Anatomy McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario Canada

BriteVu is one of the most exciting and innovative things to happen to the field of anatomy in a long time. Everything about BriteVu is an upgrade from the current products out there for vascular imaging, and the staff at Scarlet Imaging are both wonderful to work with and willing bend over backwards to help facilitate the research needs of their clients.

Emma R. Schachner, PhD

Laboratory for Equine and Comparative Orthopedic Research, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University

BriteVu opened new doors for us to explore uncharted territories of 3D vasculature imaging, offering superior abilities to reach smaller vessels compared to other more expensive products. The team who developed BriteVu offer superb customer service, and are always willing to connect our group with different labs from around the world, which enriched our studies beyond what we anticipated from using a contrast agent.

Osama Abdullah, M.S., Manager

Small Animal Imaging Core, University of Utah

Our research group used BriteVu to visualize cerebral blood vessels in rats down to the 50 micron level for use in developing a more complete finite element model of the brain.  The BriteVu solution was easy to prepare and perfuse into the vasculature, taking about 30 minutes start to finish to get the animal ready to scan.  CT revealed beautiful casting of vascular spaces whose high contrast images were easily segmented into a 3D geometry.  Scarlet Imaging’s president, Dr. Scott Echols,...

Stewart Yeoh

Department of Bioengineering, University of Utah

BriteVu is the best contrast agent I have ever used.   It is easy to prepare, reliable, and yields exceptional results.  Vasculature readily fills under physiological infusion pressures to become highly radio-opaque.  It has been a pleasure to work with the knowledgeable and friendly personnel of Scarlet Imaging.  I highly recommend both product and company.

Colleen Farmer, PhD

Department of Biology, University of Utah

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