BriteVu in a Bottle

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– $289.99 per 400 ml bottle

– 3” X 6.5” brown glass bottle with screw on Septa Cap top

– 800 g (28 ounces)

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BriteVu In A Bottle Basics:

BriteVu In A Bottle is expertly prepared BriteVu contrast agent and BriteVu Enhancer to be used only in terminal subjects. Each bottle contains 400 mls of prepared contrast material in solid form at room temperature. The bottle is submerged in hot water to liquify the product so that it is ready for use. One bottle is enough material to perfuse 7-10 mice or 4-6 rats (< 300 g).

There is no mixing required as with other BriteVu products.

The contents of each bottle are prepared per the directions below and perfused into the test subject. Perfuse the product into the system being evaluated. For example, for blood vessel evaluation perfuse BriteVu intravascularly. As a note, protocols can vary significantly based on intended results. The protocol below provides the most common guidelines for preparation.

The perfused subject is later scanned using radiographs, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or ultrasound depending on the study.

Item #: 040232483462

BriteVu SDS

BriteVu Enhancer SDS

BriteVu Compatibility:

– Computed Tomography (CT)

– Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

– Ultrasound

– Photography and Videography

Preparation Directions:

  1. Place BriteVu In a Bottle into a container of water filled 5” deep (below the neck of the bottle). Do NOT fill such that water covers the neck or top of the bottle.
  2. Heat water to 55 deg C. A sous vide precision cooker works perfect to properly heat the water.
  3. Keep BriteVu In A Bottle in the water bath for 35 minutes to ensure proper heating.
  4. Using heat resistant gloves, pull the bottle from the water bath and rotate end over end 20 times. Do NOT shake bottle.
  5. If needed, the solution can be increased or cooled as per your research protocol.
  6. Prior to and after use, clean the Septa Cap surface with alcohol.
  7. Use a needle and syringe to penetrate the white Septa Cap and draw out the necessary amount of contrast solution. We do NOT recommend screwing off the Septa Cap or removing the shrink wrap if planning multiple uses.  For best results, store bottle in the refrigerator.  Do NOT freeze.
  8. Immediately perfuse the desired amount of solution at 45-65 deg C into the deceased subject. Perfusions can be performed at lower temperatures to preserve tissue histology.
  9. Cool the perfused subject (ice water bath, refrigerator, etc) until BriteVu mixture solidifies and then perform imaging studies.
  10. Alternatively, the cooled subject and/or its tissues can be stored in fixative for later scanning.
  11. Protocols can vary based on intended results. Go to Protocols for more details.

Item #: 040232483462

BriteVu In A Bottle Advantages:

– Completely non-toxic.

– The easiest to use terminal contrast agent.

– Penetrates to the capillary level.

– Produces outstanding casts compatible with CT, MRI, ultrasound, photography and videography.

Comparison of Commercially Available Terminal Vascular Contrast Agents

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